"OMG – loving it."

OMG – loving it. It’s used everyday in production! Eric Grassick , Allegra Marketing Print Mail. Burlington, Ontario, Canada

”OMG – loving it.

It’s used everyday in production.We would never dream of mounting 2 sided 4x8 ft sheet for multi election signs to cut out.

Soo simple!!!Also, I have it near my cutter so having room to spread out in a printshop environment is just unheard of.Fielding and I had a blast doing some 16ft signs. The first one was interesting, the rest was done in a ¼ of the time.”

Eric Grassick
Production Warlord
Allegra Marketing Print Mail
Burlington, Ontario 

Model: ROLL-X


ROLL-X In Allegras production

 Allegras Production


Calculate your possible profits
Calculate your possible profits

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