All our products are manufactured under strict quality control and are designed for long life. But if something does occur, it is good to know that we provide comprehensive warranties.

Warranty for ROLL-X Multipurpose Applicator®

Conditions for the warranty

The Roll-X Multipurpose Applicator must conform to the technical specification and the order confirmation.
The warranty is valid for 24 months starting from the delivery date.
The warranty does not cover the glass bed or any electrical components.

Warranty commitment

ROLLSROLLER AB or ROLLSROLLER AB’s representative shall restore the product to a fully adequate condition according to the warranty statement, as soon as possible after receiving a written warranty claim. ROLLSROLLER AB has the right to supply a replacement product from its current product range instead of repairing the damaged product.
The cost liability specified in the warranty is limited to the original invoice price for the delivered product.

The warranty is valid under the following conditions:

  1. The product must be assembled according to the assembly instructions valid at the time of purchase.
  2. The product must not have been damaged by chemicals or other external factors.
  3. Maintenance must be carried out according to the instructions in the user manual.
  4. The product must not be stored or used in unduly moist or corrosive conditions.
  5. Warranty claims must be submitted as soon as possible and no later than 30 days after the fault was or should have been detected.
  6. Warranty claims must be submitted in writing to ROLLSROLLER AB, Gräsdalsgatan 6, SE 653 43 Karlstad, Sweden.
  7. ROLLSROLLER or ROLLSROLLER AB’s representative must be allowed to inspect the product reported as faulty under this warranty.
  8. The product must not have been damaged by chemicals or by tampering, either intentionally or accidentally. Neither must the product have been damaged due to uncontrollable events such as war, natural disasters, strikes etc.

Rules regarding compensation

ROLLSROLLER shall provide no compensation for loss of business.
This warranty applies as a supplement to the general delivery rules valid at the time of delivery.

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Calculate your possible profits

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